Breaking Barriers: Session 1 Recap.

Yesterday, NYC Marathon Day, we launched Breaking Barriers, a new initiative in the hemophilia community that I referenced in my last blog.  

The goal-setting & healthy-living focused program kicked off with a session on getting started on the right foot .  Reps from Pfizer spoke about the importance of medical adherence in healthy living, Ryan Gielen & I spoke about short-term goal setting, and trainers from SuperMe Fitness spoke about & led us through warming up for exercise.  The program wrapped with a trip to root on marathon runners as they geared up for their final mile.

We simultaneously live-streamed the program across the US where over 60 families tuned in to watch and interact with the session via our social media manager. 

If you missed the session but wanna check out it, the stream is still available here.

You can also download the information and notes packet that was made available to live participants here.

Comments on the YouTube page are still live, and the Twitter Chat can be viewed via #BBHemophilia.

Pictures from the session are posted on Instagram and can be viewed here

I was so proud of my team yesterday.  Pulling off an event like this isn't easy; Believe Digi alone was a 7-person unit, and everyone did their job to the highest caliber.  I'm excited to continue growing this program and effort toward increasing the scope of digital outreach, especially alongside a partner like NYCHC and Glenn Mones.

The personal highpoint for me was cheering on those marathon runners.  At the end of mile 25, and about 6 hours into the race, we were standing alongside a number of fellow cheerers whose loved ones passed by, many stopping to hug, kiss, and cry.  We witness a blind runner alongside her guide, and a proud 82 year old man laboring his way to a finish.  It was so inspiring.  Selfishly, I was bumming that I wasn't one of those runners, but more importantly, I was thrilled to share in the experience with the awesome group of teens from NYCHC.  I think we were all blown away by the inspiring nature of sending out that positive energy and rooting on complete strangers in that incredible feat. 

We've received wonderful feedback and I look forward to our next live session on November 24th @ the NYCHC Annual Meeting.

For participants, both live and online, who would like to have a 15-minute accountability check-in next Sunday, November 10th between 1-4:30EST, please email me @ to setup.  Participants must be registered by Friday.

Set goals, establish a plan, and take steps.