Casino scams, SoulPancake, George Lopez, Ryan White, other things, etc.

blogging on the go means minimal proof reading. Sorry if that makes things confusing...just felt like going over the various projects occupying my time these days...


traveling back from an overnight trip to visit with Edmond Bismarck, casino securities expert and author of Ticket In Ticket Out: A Low Tech, Undetectable Casino Scam ( Ed's book was published last year following his casino employer's dismissal of his findings. To help prevent attentive casinos from losing 6-to-7 figures a year on this scam, Ed decided to take his discovery public through the prism of a "how to" manual. It's garnered him a lot of attention in the gaming industry, and even landed him a speaking opportunity next week at a prestigious international conference on casino and gaming security being held in Las Vegas. Ed is the one speaker who's picture isn't being shown on the conference registration website. His findings and publicity demand a certain level of discretion (as you may have already guessed, Ed Bismarck is a pseudonym).

As if his discovery wasn't eye popping enough, Ed personal story of growing up dirt poor then ascending in the gaming world only to have his world turned upside down as a result of this discovery is absolutely jaw-dropping.

thats why I own the option rights to it.

When Ryan and I met Ed last year, not only did his book and personal story floor us, but we genuinely enjoyed befriending Ed. Seeing him again last night, continuing to dig into his story and sharing our last TV show treatment with him was a total blast. Can't wait to see Ed again soon.

In two weeks Ryan and I pitch "TITO" to someone w a first look deal at a major network. Fingers crossed. 


 Stop The Bleeding! Season 3 is written. Production begins Mar 1. After landing CJ Wilson for Season 2, I genuinely didn't know how we could top ourselves in Season 3. I think we're about to do exactly that. No spoilers here, but in Season 3 we continue to expand size and scope of our show's set pieces & hemophilia messages. We debut this season's first episode in Tampa at the end of March during the 2nd largest annual conference for the bleeding disorders community - a huge opportunity. I can't wait to educate and entertain so many community members all at once.


Last week I had the pleasure of meeting excellent members of the team at Soul Pancake, Correy, Georgia, and Bayan. My friend and Napkin Notes founder Jacob Soloman (Bubala Please, Thug Notes) introduced us and I thank him for that. We had a highly productive get-to-know-you followed by my pitching them a show for their YT channel. Super positive pitch and spitball session - next step, I incorporate their notes and resubmit a proposal. If they like it, we shoot a pilot. If not, I come up with something else that's awesome and eventually we'll shoot that.


Exceptional Kids is a docu-soap reality show about kids living w exceptional medical circumstances who are simultaneously achieving exceptional things in their lives. My friend Courtney - a producer best known for Extreme Makeover: Home Edition - has been developing this with me for about 7-8 months now.  A friend of the George Lopez Foundation pinged their Exec Dir Linda small on my behalf, believing GLF may be a great partner in this project. Linda was very receptive to my pitch and has taken the idea up the ladder. Time will tell. I love this show, and it needs a champion like George to take it to the next level. I hope we can work something out. If not, I'll happily hustle forward.


24 years ago Ryan White died at 18 of AIDS. He contracted HIV through contaminated blood products he received from pharma manufacturers to treat his hemophilia (if you don't know about this crisis, it's stunning - google: hemophilia contaminated blood). 

Ryan's story of fighting for his right to education and fair treatment is a landmark event in the civil rights history of this country.  this weekend I meet with his Mom to discuss a project designed to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Ryan's death and introduce a new generation to his incredible legacy. I hope to have much more to share about that in the near future.


Five years after a life-altering trip to New Orleans, I'm closing in on completing a first draft of a screenplay about the event through Writers Bootcamp. Late May should find my producer friend Jess Richmond & I starting pre-pro work down in New Orleans. I love that city.  


Http:// is a brand new YT channel in which our subscribers play the role of studio - choosing which projects get green light and which hit the floor. Our first show is up. Watch it. It's quick and original. 


Shot two commercials here in the house last week, and I got to act in both. I really appreciated the opportunity. I wish I was taking the steps that I'd planned to in order to reignite my acting career by this point - but what in a vacuum made sense, in actuality, there just isn't time for right now. So opportunities like last week are quite special. One day, one day...

other random thoughts: 

Lots of hemophilia events coming up

Thinking about rebooting my interview podcast 

i may be working as a producer on a handful of indie Films by the time summer hits, which is an extremely exciting potentiality.

happy trails