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Distance: 3.15 miles

Overdue to post and bored/tired during workout. So why not?

Distance: 3.28 miles

2013 was a wild race to the finish. Between bi-costal work obligations, holidays on the East coast paired with signing a new lease on the West coast and embarking on a 2-year graduate level screenwriting program (Writers Bootcamp), there was a noticeable lack of that relaxing holiday spirit filled with 1-month-a-year sweaters and ottomans by the fire. Does anyone actually have these? Seems like everyone I talk to has a holiday recap story more analogous to navigating the layover airport then anything I see on postcards.

Distance: 4.20 miles

No surprise, 2014 is off to a blazing hot start, developing 2 TV projects & 2 film projects, launching Subscriber Studios (, prepping 3 more STB! Episodes (, and working on many other bleeding disorder-focused initiatives.  The work load is heavy and rewarding.

The new place is fantastic. It's large, filled with great housemates and guests, and it love having an office 20 steps from by bedroom, and, equally important, 20 steps from the coffee maker.

Distance: 5.11 miles

I was devastated on Sunday by the death Phillip Seymour Hoffman. Jessica and I were at a retail store looking for her interview outfits when I read Ryan's Facebook post. Hopped on Google, hoping a verification attempt would prove fruitless. Alas it did not. Another incredible artist taken away well before anyone was prepared. I immediately started to cry. I realized 2014 now had a major national benchmark.

Fortunately for Jess & I (and the woof woof Finn), 2014 has another, wonderful benchmark. We spent 10 days on a cross-country road trip from NYC to LA via DC, Nashville, New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Austin, someplace in New Mexico, and Surprise, Arizona. I indulged in all the local food and drink I could get my hands off and soaked up as much local color as possible. Jess and I even got tattoos in Austin! I haven't reflected enough on the experience to put some cogent thoughts together yet. Or maybe I have and it's just the heart rate talking. Speaking of:

Distance: 7.0 miles