Marijuana, Santa Barbara, Happiness, Phil Jackson, Paleo, etc.

NOTE: as alaways, this is written on the go, off-the-cuff, without spellcheck, and absent of review. forgive typos and sentences that dont make sence. that's the cost of this business. :)

i've been messing around with medicinal MJ in california since i first started spending time here last January. the more i learn - or better yet, experience - the more i believe in it's utility for pain management. I find that my pain is alleviated without the sleepy effects of the pain pills ive taken over the years, I am not concerned about the long-term effects on my liver, and I'm sleeping better.

Obv medicinal MJ still has it's consideration and long-term pot use is not necessarily a "healthy" choice, but I take sincere comfort in putting a medicially screened natural plant into my body and acheiving these results.  I'm excited to continue learning about marijuana and it's use for pain management.

been in Santa Barabara since Tuesday with the gf and her fam.  The city is stunning.  This resort is stunning, and our time here together has been incredible.

solid reminder - water is a hemophiliac's friend! i've made use of the pools, steam room, and hot tub everyday. it's been fantasic and my body feels great.  finding a pool that isn't overcrowded or gross can be very difficult at the well known sports clubs - but man it's been amazing to use the spa here. makes me reconsider my fitness facility back in LA.

i made a comment yesterday to jessica that's stuck with me - happiness is a choice. when we agreed to this trip with her parents, I made up my mind - I'm being treated to an amazing trip, so matter what happens, this trip is amazing.  I will not allow anything to intefere with my ability to fully enjoy this gift.  but really, that mindset should not be reserved for paid vacations. as Larry King said Marc Maron's podcast (highly recommended interview btw), when you wake up in the morning and open your eyes to greet another day, you didn't do anything to earn that. it's a gift. enjoy it!  I have to continue reminding myself of this as I return to my typical life. It's all a gift, and being happy with it is my choice - not a byproduct of things out-of-my-control.

Phil Jackson is Pres of the Knicks. James Dolan did PR. He said in it that he would stay out of Phil's way. This is music to die-hard Knicks fans ears. Melo said he'd be willing to change his game to accomodate Phil's valueadd.  Steve Kerr will be coaching next season. I'm not buying back on the Knicks - the divorce has been finalized and I've remarried the Nets - it's not perfect, no relationship is, but it's going well.  That being said, if Dolan is sincerely going to stay the F out of things, I'll put them on my "Watch List."

Jess and I have been on the Paleo diet for about 3 weeks. I'm not a big fan of "diets," but this one includes a ton of meat so I was willing to accept it. We're also rolling it into a whole "lifestyle change." I gotta say, I feel awesome. I'm still craving grains and sugar, but I'm able to recognize that as a craving associated with an "addiction" and not hunger. But my energy is up, my head feels clearer, and my body feels thankful. As someone who is always messing around with food and diets and restrcitions and blah blah blah, I must say I recommend this Paleo nonsense!

Time to get back to the water.


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