Root Canals & Aneurysms, filmmaking and NYC, Expectations and etc.

 "Im giving you news you don't want to hear at a place you don't want to be from a guy you just met."

that's how I met my new dentist. 

apparently an old filling I had cracked along the way and the tooth has been subject to fresh decay (oxymoron?), decay that's gaining on the root. on my next appointment, I learn if he can replace the filling and stop the decay or if I need a root canal. A root old am I...

psa: go to a dentist regularly.

yesterday I went to my Hemophilia Treatment Center for my annual checkup. no real news, other than I have to start logging my infusions - something, tbh, I've never done. That and the conversation I had with my geneticist about my potential predisposition to


i don't know what killed my grandmother, it may have been an aneurysm and depite the paperwork, i don't know what killed my brother - but I've always suspected an


geneticist: "is anyone in your family particularly tall or flexible?"

me: "well I'm just about 6'3"." 

geneticist: "oh...yeah you may want to find out more about your family history." 

(for the record, the geneticist was awesome - don't let me casual Starbucks blogging give the wrong impression.) 

the potential that I'm predisposed to 

aneurysm is something that's quietly concerned me for years. next step - learn more about my family history and report back to my kind and concerned genetist.

 tomorrow I go to a podiatrist who's office runs with the seamlessness of a dress sown by a seizing monkey stitching during an earthquake. the good news is a dole out another $600 for new orthotics.

at least switching up my health insurance is proving to be overly complicated   

this is why i loathe medical afternoon. this is why it's absolutely necessary.  this is adulthood mr lynch.

dentist (surveying my form): "you already have arthritis?"

me: since 13 actually. 

dentist: "hmmm...I'm sorry..." 

stop the bleeding was once again an intense blur of fun and frenzy. In 3 days, we shot 95% of the 29 pages for Season 3 (the rest to be shot in LA and then with teens attending HFA's 2014 Symposim Teen Program! I can't wait to share these episodes and hear the community's response to them.

nyc is such a double edged sword. I'm from this city, I root for this city, I get this city, I respect the artists in this city, I love the excitement in this city, i love my hemophilia family in this city, I have great friends in this city, my mom and dad live just outside this city. 

so it kills me that I can't wait to leave again.

los Angeles is home right now. I'll be back plenty this year for work, but - along the lines of a previous post - I need to protect myself from burnout and NYC is a burnout for me. lucky me, many of my close friends are coming out to LA in April for an Elsewhere performance. (  that will be a blast!

in the same - say no to burnout - mind frame, I'm reminded of something a directing instructor said to be at college, "If you don't see it in the audtuon, don't expect to see it in rehearsal or performance. Don't cast based on potential." 

she was right, and made a much bigger point: people are who they are. expect them to behave in a way that contradicts their pattern of behavior and expect a massive headache. But if I dont expect someone to be anything they're not, 1) I know how to work with then 2) I avoid disappointment. Generally, I think I'm good with this. Very good. And every time I place trust in someone to act outside that pattern of behavior, I end up - at the very least - disappointed.  

dont cast on potential, and go to the dentist.