Elsewhere LA, Short Film, NYC!, NBA Playoffs, etc

NOTE: as always, this is written on the go, off-the-cuff, without spellcheck, and absent of review. forgive typos and sentences that don't make sense.

in the air, heading back East for a bustling 5 days. Time to look back a little, and forward a little more.

Thursday night, Elsewhere hit LA, with 7/8 NYC members flying out for the one night performance @ play (1018 S Santa Fe).

the night was a bit hit. Lots of great feedback from our new west coast fans! I really appreciated getting to do theatre for one night. By nature of my professional choices, outside of staged readings, I've only performed live 4 times since 2011, 3 of which have been in Elsewhere. considering the volume of opportunities I had btw 2003-2010, it feels like a homecoming each time I get to stand across from a scene partner and act in front of a live audience. There's magic there, and I never feel as "at home" as I do in those fleeting moments.

the Cazaux crew (my house) hosted 6 peeps for the trip. It was a full house!  And I loved it. IMHO everyone desires identity in the context of a community, and I certainly derive my sense of creative, professional, and, in large part personal identity out of the invented family I have in the greater Believe LTD crew. have to thank Ryan Gielen for casting me in commercials back in 08 and for saying yes to STB! in 11. Without those, I don't have this incredible family.

one small sour note from Thursday is just how many no shows there were - in the end, we had a full house and put on a great show, and that's more important, but considering how many people took off work, flew themselves out from NYC, and worked vigorously to get this show up, it's just disrespectful. In the arts, there are invitations to things all the time, I know that. And I'm thankful to have a very loyal base of support for all of my hemophilia & entertainment-related events. But almost every cast member had an above average number of people either drop out day of or just not show. Not cool. Some wanna say LA entertainment peeps are flakier and less supportive than their NYC counterparts. I don't wanna jump on that bandwagon. Not yet, anyway.

Thursday also marked the launch of Elsewhere: The Movie's fundraiser. The campaign is to raise $10,000 to begin the pre-production process of putting this film together. Learn more about Elsewhere & consider donating here: http://whereiselsewhere.com.

friday, Andrew Gaul, Shua Bragg, Jenn Bragg, Rob Bradford, & I shot a short film that we developed together over the past 6 weeks. It was a quintessential "oh man, it's Good Friday and the park is packed! / why is it so windy? / there's too many planes for good sound!" type shoot day, but that crew is incredible and the whole thing was a blast. I can wait to see what Shua does in the edit. Regardless of the product, I'm proud of how we pushed to maximize the creative opportunities this past week afforded us.

Saturday, this morning, had to say a far-too-quick goodbye to Jess and Finn before heading to the airport for a long travel day. I'll be honest, i don't like leaving LA, but every time I'm with mah peeps in NYC (which I will be Mon & Tues), I'm happy to be back. Plus, I get to see some family, schedule a few biz meetings, and see some dear friends. 


sunday. Easter. Family. NBA BASKETBALL!

monday. Jeanne White is in NYC for two events with me. She and I will visit the National Hemophilia Foundation HQ, where Jeanne will meet the staff & share her story.

monday night, Powering Through 2 (thanks NCHS!) takes place, with Jeanne and I engaged in a one-on-one conversation in front of a live audience.  Having recently spent a great deal of time intimately acquainting myself with Ryan, Andrea, & Jeanne's story, including spending a weekend with the family at their home, I know our conversation will touch on topics and details of their story that most interviews don't. That's what I'm particularly excited for! (Tickets are free - RSVPs are required - http://believedigi.com/poweringthrough)

***If you're not familiar with Ryan White, hop on YouTube, search his name, and click around. ***

tuesday, Believe Theatrical showcases Ryan Gielen's new comedy Under The Boardwalk featuring BT company members Katy Wright-Mead & Rob Bradford, as well as company friends Sam Underwood & Dru Johnston. I love what we're doing with Believe Theatrical and am excited to welcome Sam & Dru into the fold! (Tickets are free - RSVPS are required: http://bit.ly/UTB2014)

wed & thurs are full of meetings, catch-ups, & some much-need and protected writing time.  fri it's back to LA.

This year has been a fast, furious, and productive one thus far. Wild that it's almost 1/3 over. After this week, I'll be spending a few minutes reviewing the past 4 months and game-planing for the next 4.

A few quick hits... 

the response to STB! Season 3 has been incredible. Thanks to everyone that's taken time not only to watch the show, but to engage with me via our Facebook Page, YouTube channel, IG, or Twitter. I love hearing your feedback. huge SO to everyone that's shared the show too! That organic spread is vital to audience development. We have an amazing fan base. Let's keep growing it!! (Http://stbhemo.com)

Subscriber studios had been fun to watch launch. Had some great talks with the team this past week about next steps. (Http://YouTube.com/SubscriberStudios) 

NBA PLAYOFFS!! Let's go Nets!! 

Finally, I have a very exciting announcement coming later this week of something that's perhaps more personal to me than anything  else I've shared. Stay tuned!

NBA Playoff Prediction. 

 East 1st Round

BKLYN def TOR in 6

MIA def CHA in 5

IND def HAWKS in 6

BULLS def WASH in 6

west 1st round

LAC def GSW in 6

HOU def POR in 7

SPURS def DAL in 5

OKC def MEM in 5

east 2nd round 

MIA def BKLYN in 7

IND def CHI in 6

west 2nd round 

LAC def OKC in 7

SAS def HOU in 5

east finals  

MIA def IND in 6

 west finals

SAS Def LAC in 6

NBA finals

SAS def MIA in 7

MVP: T Duncan, Duncan retires. MIA makes strong push for Melo/Love, at the risk of letting Wade go.