Living in spite...

occasionally I'm grounded by the incredible reality that Mother Nature wants me dead.

and no, not "wants me dead" in the way I referred to in my previous blog.

had I been born 20 years prior, w severe hemo and an inhibitor, I'd be dead by now.

had I been born 3-4 years prior to when I was, I'd probably have HIV and/or HEP C, or have been killed by it. 

had I been born in the vast majority of the world, without access to life-sustaining meds, I'd be dead by now.

a friend just posted something on Facebook about a 30-something year-old-friend who's medical condition finally got the best of her.  I guess that's what got my thinkng.

another, distant, friend has been battling with some very serious cancer this past year. and I watch everything he's doing to make whatever time he has left on this planet, be it 5 days or 50 years, valuable.

and I suppose that's the point. death is the one inevitability for  us all, regardless of race, gender, religion, political association, etc. even grave medical diagnoses simply give you a heads up that something you weren't gonna probably have to face for a minute but we're gonna have to face eventually may be coming sooner than hoped. but it doesn't "add" any new information about life.

sometimes, I take great pride feeling as though I'm living (and THRIVING!) in spite of what Mother Nature, Darwin, and perhaps what some insurance providers may prefer. :P

there's an energy to that! I spit in the face of that which would prefer me to slow down, to feel bad for myself, to dwell on the Major Arcana - or that which I cannot control. serenity now. there's plenty I can, and do, control. my spirited energy is better suited for that then any wallowing or feeling lesser-than.

strive to be great. Not good. Great. accept good as a momentarily-satisfying step along the path to something better. And any time something steps in the way - medical setbacks, financial hardships, whatever - recognize immediately that you just gained more information about how your inevitable path to greatness is going to look. These are not called obstacles. These are informative and, if you allow then to be, entertaining challenges. 

live, and thrive, in spite of all.