STOP THE BLEEDING! is an award-winning, comedic web series about a lovable idiot running a dysfunctional non-profit for the bleeding disorders community.  The series is designed to engage young members of the bleeding disorders community through comedy, digital video, and social media interaction. Support by Baxter International, Inc. (Creator/EP/Writer/Actor)

HELPING HANY is a stop-motion animation series that examines some of the psycho-social components of what it means to be a female with a bleeding disorder. We see our lead character Hannah Braswell (aka Hany) at different stages of her life coming up against various challenges presented to a woman with a bleeding disorder.

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SUBSCRIBER STUDIOS is a unique YouTube experience. Every subscriber is a producer who has the ability to greenlight a pilot and help make it into a series. OR they can choose to shut it down for good! Use your power wisely and you will see only the best from Subscriber Studios. We're doing this for you!

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BREAKING BARRIERS is a ground-breaking live event series designed to inspire teens toward improving their fitness and nutrition through goal-setting and dynamic engagement.


POWERING THROUGH is a series of young adult and young professional events focused on inspiring our young community members to face life's challenges, overcome their obstacles (hemophilia or otherwise), and achieve achieve achieve!

ELSEWHERE is a mosaic of intimate and personal encounters confronting the infinite loop of life in New York City. We all struggle with the weight of our true potential, the burden of letting go of adolescent love, and our routine emotional captivity all while dreaming of being ELSEWHERE.

BE THE CHANGE was a contest run in partnership with CJ Wilson's Childrens' Charities to encourage teens to get involved in service work during the summer.

THE MYNY PODCAST was a weekly, free-flowing podcast with New Yorkers to learn about those that call NYC home!  The program ran for 32 episodes.  Episodes are no longer available, but teaser videos are available on the YouTube page.

BELIEVE THEATRICAL is NYC theatre company committed to developing pieces of emerging writers whose work has appeal for both stage & screen production. Founded by Ryan Gielen, Patrick James Lynch, Patrick Morris, Kate White, & Katy Wright-Mead.