All Hail Hurricane Gordo

First rate incredibly convincing Patrick James Lynch.
— Curtain Up (re: All Hail Hurricane Gordo)
Brilliantly funny...As Gordo, Patrick James Lynch is a perfect boy/man. He develops a character that carefully balances his being sympathetic, yet infuriating.
— Cool Cleveland (re: All Hail Hurricane Gordo)

Stop the Bleeding!

Most Stuff I Do

Creator and star, Patrick James Lynch, has mastered the faux doc style. Everything from the way S.T.B. is shot, lit, edited, even the one-on-one interviews and little V.O. tags at the end of each episode are prime examples of how a sitcom web series can really shine.
— Tangled Web (re: Stop The Bleeding!)
I didn’t really get the show, but you were good.
— My Mom (re: Most stuff I do.)